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Root canal treatment – endodontics

Endodontic therapy involves removing the dental pulp and filling the root canals with appropriate materials. This type of treatment is necessary when bacterial toxins from carious cavities, due to penetration through hard dental tissues or from periodontal lesions, cause extremely painful inflammation of the dental nerve. If the inflammation is not treated in a timely and optimal manner, it causes extreme pain, swelling, hypersensitivity to the bite and mobility of the teeth. Endodontic inflammation without previous symptoms can be recognized by a change in the color of the teeth.

Today, technology has enabled us to precisely measure the length of the root canal, and in combination with modern instruments, we can get perfect results within one treatment.

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Endodontic treatment

Endodontic treatment lasting one day saves time and is effective, and the feeling of discomfort is reduced to a minimum. After cleaning, expanding and filling the endodontic space, the tooth is provided with a permanent filling or crown, in order to make it more resistant to fractures.

With today’s technology for determining the length of the root canal (targeted X-ray), instrumentation and filling (machine endodontics and optimal sealing of the root canal), tooth treatment and conservative restoration with a filling are possible in just one visit.

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Periodontology is a branch of dental medicine that deals with diseases of the gums and supporting tissues of the teeth. It is a very important branch that allows us to prevent and successfully treat ubiquitous gum diseases that often come to the fore due to today's lifestyle.

The causes of periodontal diseases are usually poor diet, poor oral hygiene, smoking, medications, etc. Frequent gingivitis, periodontitis, periodontal pockets and similar diseases are also known. These types of diseases can be cured with optimal care of the oral cavity and regular dental examinations.

Initial examination and consultation

At the initial examination and consultation for dental treatment, our team will perform a detailed examination of your oral cavity and make a diagnosis and place medicine in the tooth.

Expansion of the root canal

During the next visit to the dentist, the dental canal will be widened, so that the canal can be optimally filled and sealed at the same time.

Root canal filling

The filling of the root canal can be done manually or mechanically, depending on the quality of the canal, and the tooth will be supplied with a filling or a dental crown, so that it can withstand chewing forces as well as possible.

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Two frequently asked questions that patients ask us about root canal treatments

The amount of root canals that need to be treated is determined at the first examination and consultation, during which we will perform all necessary X-ray diagnostics. After that, you will receive a written offer for your endodontic treatment.

Root canal filling treatment is painless, because the inflamed nerve, which causes pain and difficulty, is first numbed and cleaned.

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Why choose Dentech for root canal treatment?

  • A team of experts trained for a holistic approach
  • Free examination and consultation
  • Individual approach in planning and implementation of therapy
  • Painless procedure

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