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Sinus lift

Before the surgical insertion of the implant in the upper jaw, the surgeon checks the bone density and the position of the sinuses. This is a very important step before implant placement, because in some patients the sinuses are very low. If the "bottom" of the sinuses is low, before inserting the implant the surgeon will raise the sinuses to get enough space to insert the implant into the bone.

Depending on the amount of available bone, the sinus lift is divided into:

  • Inner sinus lift
    This technique is performed simultaneously with implant placement. The operation is performed when we have sufficient bone volume. Without this procedure, it may not be possible to place the implant.
  • Outer sinus lift
    When a larger volume of bone is missing, a procedure is performed to raise the bottom of the sinus through a lateral approach in the oral cavity. Sometimes a larger amount of bone is missing and a sinus lift is performed with a delay in implant placement until complete ossification occurs. Sinus lift is performed under local anesthesia, so the procedure is completely painless.
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Bone augmentation

Sometimes when we lose a tooth, the volume of the bone can be reduced and it is not enough to install an implant. For successful implant placement, the surgeon sometimes has to insert artificial bone to increase the volume of bone that needs to be maintained and stabilize the implant. Depending on the amount of transplanted bone, the healing process can last from 4-9 months.

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Corticotomy is a procedure used for teeth that have not erupted naturally and cannot be seen in the dental row, while they are visible in the bone on an X-ray. It is a technique of surgical extraction of impacted or retained teeth, and it is mainly used in combination with orthodontic therapy to accelerate it. Using this procedure, it is possible to extract the impacted tooth to its desired position in the dental row.


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Apicotomy refers to the surgical procedure of removing the tip of the root of the tooth together with the infected tissue around it. This type of treatment is used in cases where other conservative methods cannot provide the desired results. Inflammation of the bone area around the tip of the root most often occurs due to untreated chronic inflammation of the tooth or a fracture. With the intervention, we save the tooth that would otherwise have to be extracted. The apicotomy procedure lasts from 30 to 60 minutes. Like other oral surgery procedures, this one is completely painless.

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This surgical procedure involves removing cysts from the oral cavity. Sometimes pain or swelling may occur, but there are situations when patients do not feel any pain and do not know about these problems until they take an X-ray and the dentist notices it.

After the diagnosis, the dentist will recommend the ideal solution for your problems and will explain the therapy plan. The presence of a cyst is confirmed by an X-ray image of a formation that is located in the jaw on its own or on top of the root of a tooth. The entire treatment is performed under local anesthesia and is completely painless.

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A frenulum is a small fold in the oral cavity. Its primary task is to prevent excessive movements of the lips or tongue, but sometimes it can be thickened and thus create problems such as gapped incisors or difficulty speaking. In such cases, it is necessary to perform a frenulectomy – an interventional surgical procedure that frees the thickened or shortened frenulum. Frenulectomy can be lingual – a procedure for removing a frill under the tongue and labial – a procedure for removing a frill under the lip. There are two methods of frenulectomy – surgical or laser. Both methods are completely painless for the patient and are performed under local anesthesia.


The two frequently asked questions that patients ask us about oral surgical procedures

After oral surgical procedures, it is important to pay attention to maintaining optimal oral hygiene during tissue healing, since accumulated plaque can slow down the healing process and cause infection. After your treatment, we will give you written instructions on maintaining oral hygiene, as well as recommending products that you will use during the healing period.

All oral surgical procedures are always performed under local anesthesia, so they are completely painless at Dentech. After that, it is important to follow the instructions that we will give you in writing. It is possible that mild pain will appear after the anesthesia wears off, and this can be treated with prescribed analgesics.

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