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Choose the top Invisalign clear braces that are responsible for over 15 million smiles worldwide.

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What is Invisalign system?

It is the most advanced system of clear aligners in the world! Invisalign orthodontic therapy is precise and gentle. The aligners are transparent, almost invisible. The Invisalign system works discreetly but effectively.

In addition to the fact that the improper position of the teeth is an aesthetic problem, it is often also of a functional nature. Growing awareness of dental health and personal aesthetics, with the help of modern technology, has brought orthodontics into the digital age, where classic metal braces are no longer the only solution.


Why choose the Invisalign system?

With Invisalign therapy, dental hygiene itself is much simpler. The Invisalign system of invisible orthodontics provides a faster time to correct the position of the teeth with greater comfort. Invisalign treatment can be an excellent solution for both adults and teenagers looking for an almost invisible orthodontic method. The technological progress brought by the Invisalign system makes it possible to eliminate almost all orthodontic problems.

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Invisalign First clear aligners for children

Invisalign First form of therapy is intended to solve orthodontic anomalies in children. At that age, the jaw and teeth are still growing, so it is possible to prevent later orthodontic problems in time, as well as to correct existing ones.

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Why choose Invisalign clear aligners?

We only want the best for our patients! This is the reason why, out of the numerous aligner systems on the market, we chose the original and proven Invisalign technology. The Invisalign system of invisible orthodontics is always one step ahead of other similar systems for correcting the position of the teeth.

There are many advantages it brings:

  • Fewer visits to the dentist
  • Proven results
  • Better grip, greater comfort and convenience
  • Aesthetically unnoticeable

For each smile, we choose a unique treatment, individualized according to your wishes and needs. Do you want to straighten your teeth with invisible braces? Choose up to 50% shorter procedure time compared to other orthodontic therapies.

First examination and free creation of a digital impression

At the first Invisalign examination and consultation, our team will perform a detailed examination of your oral cavity and create a digital impression of your smile completely free of charge using the iTero intraoral scanner.

Creating a smile simulation

After our team takes a digital impression of your smile, we will create a digital simulation of your smile, according to which you will be able to see what your teeth would look like at the end of Invisalign orthodontic therapy.

Creation of a therapy plan and confirmation

When you decide on therapy with Invisalign braces, our expert team will work with you to create a detailed therapy plan, according to which the movement of each individual tooth will be determined by software until the therapy is completed.

Ordering Invisalign aligners

Once you are completely satisfied with the digital therapy plan, we can place an order of Invisalign aligners. The expected period in which your set of Invisalign aligners will arrive at the clinic is 5 weeks.

Placement of the first set of Invisalign orthodontic aligners

At your appointment to place the first set of Invisalign aligners, we will perform all the necessary steps for successful orthodontic therapy. After that, in the next 10 weeks, you will change your aligners yourself. In this way, your teeth will move towards the desired position. You will need to wear your set of aligners from 20 to 22 hours a day, switching to a new set as directed by your orthodontist. Aligners will gently and gradually straighten your teeth.

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Three frequently asked question about Invisalign clear aligners

Because it corrects the incorrect position of the teeth, prevents tooth decay and injuries that can occur due to the use of classic orthodontic braces. Also, maintaining oral hygiene is more practical, so there is no risk of caries and gum problems!

Depending on the severity of your orthodontic case, you can wear Invisalign braces for a minimum of 24 weeks on average. For more complex cases, we always recommend the Invisalign Comprehensive orthodontic package, which includes an unlimited number of Invisalign teeth straightening sets.

The advantage of Invisalign clear aligners is that you can remove them for the purposes of eating, drinking and maintaining oral hygiene. Just make sure that you always store it in the appropriate Invisalign box that you will receive in your package, so that the aligners are not damaged or lost. Keep in mind that orthodontic splints must be worn for at least 20 hours a day for orthodontic therapy to be successful.

Invisalign package

Why choose Dentech for Invisalign clear aligners?

  • A team of experts trained in digital orthodontics
  • Digital therapy planning
  • Free X-ray diagnostics before the start of therapy
  • Individual approach in planning and implementation of therapy
  • Free set of retention splints (retainers) upon completion of orthodontic therapy

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