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Fixed braces

Opt for the most common type of orthodontic therapy – fixed braces.

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Fixed braces

The most common type of orthodontic therapy is fixed braces. Brackets of braces are metal, and they can be made of other materials that are more aesthetically acceptable. In combination with wires, braces correct existing tooth irregularities.

This treatment is used for larger problems, and requires constant dedication and regular maintenance of hygiene, especially after each meal. Our experts will recommend the use of an interdental brush, dental floss and a certain type of mouthwash to avoid any risk of cavities or other major dental issues.


How to get fixed braces?

If you have been struggling for a long time with an orthodontic problem that you would like to solve, it is never too late to arrange a free first examination and start therapy. The first step to get a therapy plan is a detailed examination of the oral cavity and a diagnosis.

Fixed orthodontics

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First examination and diagnosis

At the first orthodontic examination and consultation, our team will perform a detailed examination of your oral cavity and make a diagnosis based on which they will explain to you whether you are a candidate for orthodontic therapy with fixed braces.

Necessary X-rays and offer

At your consultation with our orthodontic team, you will have all necessary X-rays taken (orthopan and, if necessary, cephalogram) and you will receive a written offer.

Placement of fixed braces

When you decide to have fixed braces therapy and come to your fitting appointment, expect the fitting of fixed braces to take only about thirty minutes. The procedure is not painful at all, and the eventual feeling of discomfort is caused by constantly keeping the mouth open.

Fixed orthodontic braces

Three frequently asked questions about fixed braces

Fixed metal braces and aesthetic braces differ in the way they work, but result in the same functional process and outcome. For the reason that some patients do not want to opt for fixed orthodontic therapy with metal braces, we can recommend aesthetic braces made of transparent white ceramic.

During your orthodontic fixed therapy, you can eat almost any food normally, but we recommend avoiding chewing gum, extremely hard and sticky foods (such as caramel) and tearing food with your teeth, in order to minimize the risk of brackets separating from the tooth surface. It is important to note that hard food such as apples does not have to be thrown out completely, but should first be cut into pieces and not torn off with the teeth.

During fixed orthodontic therapy, it is extremely important to pay attention to proper hygiene maintenance, in order to minimize the risk of caries and gum disease. We recommend brushing your teeth after every meal, as well as using special dental floss, interdental brushes and toothbrushes adapted to fixed orthodontic devices. Our team will also recommend mouthwashes that will reduce the risk of tooth decay.

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Why choose Dentech for fixed orthodontic therapy?

  • A team of experts trained in fixed orthodontics
  • Free X-ray diagnostics before the start of therapy
  • Individual approach in planning and implementation of therapy
  • Free set of retention splints (retainers) upon completion of orthodontic therapy

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