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What are exosomes?

Exosomes are small vesicles or bubbles that are secreted from cells in the body. They are a type of extracellular vesicles that contain various molecules, such as proteins, lipids, antioxidants and nucleic acids (such as DNA, RNA). Exosomes play an important role in communication between cells because they can carry biologically important molecules to other cells by traveling through body fluids or the bloodstream.

The use of exosomes in aesthetic medicine usually involves injecting them into the skin to improve its appearance and health. When injected into the skin, exosomes stimulate regeneration processes, stimulate the production of collagen and elastin, and improve the texture and tone of the skin. The result? Young, shiny and healthy skin that reflects your inner beauty!

Dermal fillers and wrinkle treatments

Beneficial effect

Exosomes function by participating in the transfer of signaling molecules between cells, thereby removing "waste" and unwanted toxic cell surface proteins. Thus, exosome therapy, which contains 61 beneficial ingredients, is one of the most popular rejuvenation therapies currently used in regenerative aesthetic medicine.

Exosomes have an anti-inflammatory effect, stimulate the development of collagen, strengthen the skin barrier and promote skin renewal while reducing wrinkles, scars and pores. In addition to firming skin tone, exosomes alleviate hyperpigmentation, control moisture loss from the skin and have a strong anti-aging effect.

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Dermal fillers and wrinkle treatments

What are exosomes used for?

Exosome treatments are intended for all skin types and are used for:

  • Rejuvenation and improvement of skin structure
  • Removal of melasma
  • Alleviation of acne scars and hyperpigmentation
  • Relief of atopic dermatitis
  • Alleviation of a number of skin conditions

Initial examination and consultation

At the first appointment, you will express your wishes and expectations regarding the desired corrections, after which the doctor will recommend treatments to achieve this. The doctor will explain in detail the recommended procedures and techniques and which areas they would treat with exosomes. After an agreement has been reached, an appointment is made for performing the desired treatment.

Filling out forms and going through the procedure

Before the procedure itself, it is necessary to complete the formal part, which includes signing the consent for aesthetic procedures and providing the information about you that we need before the procedure itself. After that, before the start of the procedure itself, we like to clarify with you once more the procedure of the application of exosome therapy, so that you will be as relaxed as possible during the application.

Facial cleansing and topical anesthetic application

Before arriving at the appointment for the exosome therapy treatment, it is recommended that you carefully remove all make-up from your face. If you are not able to remove your make-up before your arrival, you can do it after your arrival at the doctor's office. Before the procedure, we apply anesthetic cream to the cleaned area, in order to reduce discomfort during the application.

Application of exosome therapy

When the anesthetic begins to work, the procedure is started, during which the doctor communicates with you about the procedure they are performing. This step takes an average of 10 minutes.


Three frequently asked questions about exosome treatments

To achieve ideal clinical results, it is necessary to perform two exosome treatments 10 to 15 days apart. Ampoules with formulas for both treatments are contained in one package.

The package contains one bottle that includes a combination of 61 ingredients and serves to restore collagen with fibroblast stimulation and another bottle that contains 5 safe plant exosomes that are used for cell proliferation and regeneration of skin cells, while increasing elasticity and enhancing the anti-inflammatory effect.

One course of these treatments is sufficient for a period of one year, after which it is advisable to repeat the exosome treatment.

Exosomes contain a wide range of biologically active substances, including peptide compounds, antioxidants and growth factors. These powerful ingredients work synergistically to stimulate the synthesis of collagen and elastin, reduce the appearance of wrinkles, and strengthen and refresh the skin.

While skin boosters provide instant hydration, exosomes go a step further, providing long-lasting results that gradually manifest over time. The difference between exosomes and skin boosters lies in their mechanism of action, composition and duration of results.

Mechanism of action:

  • Exosomes: Exosomes are microscopic vesicles (bubbles) that are naturally secreted from body cells. When injected into the skin, exosomes stimulate regeneration processes, stimulating the production of collagen and elastin and improving skin texture and tone.
  • Skin boosters: Skin boosters are treatments consisting of hyaluronic acid and other nutrients that are injected into the skin to provide hydration, improve skin texture and give it a healthier glow.


  • Exosomes: Exosomes contain various biologically active substances, including growth factors, proteins and lipids, which stimulate skin renewal at the cellular level.
  • Skin boosters: Skin boosters usually contain hyaluronic acid and other nutrients that hydrate the skin and improve its elasticity.

Duration of results:

  • Exosomes: The results of exosome treatment can be long-lasting because exosomes stimulate skin regeneration processes at the cellular level.
  • Skin boosters: The results of skin booster treatments are usually temporary and require repeated treatments to maintain skin hydration and health.

Although both treatments aim to improve skin condition, exosomes focus on stimulating skin regeneration at the cellular level, while skin boosters provide hydration and improve skin texture at the surface level. The choice between exosomes and skin boosters depends on the patient’s goals and the desired results of the treatment.

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Dermal fillers and wrinkle treatments

Why choose Dentech for exosome treatment?

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  • Painless procedure

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