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Choose top-quality mobile dentures made in our in-house dental laboratory.

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Dental prostheses completely imitate the appearance and function of natural teeth. Dental prostheses are produced from biocompatible materials in expert dental laboratories thanks to dental technicians.

After you have decided and realized that a dental prosthesis is a good solution for you, a detailed dental examination of the oral cavity follows and the dentist’s confirmation that a prosthesis is the only and safest solution. After the manufacturing and placement of your dentures, it will take some time to get used to the new, foreign body in the oral cavity.


What types of dentures do we offer at the Dentech clinic?

Full and partial acrylate dentures

  • Full dentures are used in case of complete toothlessness and they completely replace the dental row. Partial dentures are used in case of partial toothlessness and they replace only the missing teeth, without the need to extract the remaining teeth.


Wironit partial dentures

  • A Wironit denture is a removable denture that usually consists of dental restorations bonded to a gum-colored base. This solution favors a more natural look. Wironit prostheses are characterized by a base made of biocompatible cast metal, which is characterized by strength and resistance compared to other materials.


Thermopress dentures

  • Thermopress prostheses are more elastic than metal prostheses, are more comfortable in the patient’s mouth and are more aesthetically acceptable due to a better fit in the oral cavity. They are often chosen by patients who are allergic to metals.
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We always strive for the best and safest prosthetic methods that will result in a positive outcome for each individual patient.

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First examination and taking an alginate impression

At the first prosthetic examination and consultation, our team will perform a detailed examination of your oral cavity and will take an alginate impression, according to which individual functional spoons will be made.

Making an individual spoon

With the help of an individual spoon, we can take a much more precise impression, with which we will make a completely individualized replica of the palate for making a prosthesis.

Template trial

In this step, we make a trial of the template, which imitates your bone ridge and soft tissues, and accordingly we make the teeth setting.

Placing the teeth on the prosthesis

In this step, we place the teeth on the ridge of the mobile prosthesis and check the accuracy of function and aesthetics.

Completion and delivery of the prosthesis

Once we are completely satisfied with the fit and aesthetics of your mobile denture, we complete it, and you're all set!

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The three frequently questions that patients ask us about dentures

Depending on your needs and possibilities and the aesthetics and quality you want, our team of dentists will advise you on the best options for your individual case.

Mobile dentures, be they total or partial, must be removed and cleaned before going to bed, and cleaned and stored in a container with water so that your mucous membrane can rest overnight.

When making mobile prostheses, we always strive for excellent adhesion and the creation of a vacuum between the prosthesis and soft tissues, and in these cases it is not necessary to use adhesive for prostheses. However, in some patients, in the case of long-term edentulism that caused the bone ridge to recede, it is not possible to achieve a vacuum, and in these cases it is necessary to use glue.

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Why choose Dentech for mobile dental prostheses?

  • Own dental laboratory
  • Digital procedures planning
  • Painless procedures
  • Top quality materials from the world’s leading manufacturers
  • Individual approach in planning and implementation of therapy

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