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What do we use dental fillings for?

Dental fillings are used to prevent caries from spreading to the nerve in the tooth and causing bigger problems. Fillings are also used in the case of deformations of the shape of the tooth, in the event that a part of the tooth has broken off or if a tooth has worn out.

Early diagnosis of caries with quick tooth repair is of the utmost importance, because in this way the spread of caries and its harmful effects are stopped. Our patients usually come to us when the pain caused by caries is unbearable and when the caries has advanced. Don’t wait! Regular examinations are the best prevention.

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Tooth repair with a filling

Repairing teeth with fillings is the most common dental treatment. Fillings save the nerve of the tooth in such a way that the dentist cleans the caries and fills the newly created cavity with composite.

Restorative materials are used for fillings that help restore the function of the tooth and compensate for its lost structure. Teeth are mostly destroyed and damaged due to caries. Food that remains stuck in places inaccessible to the brush due to irregular and improper oral hygiene activates acid-producing bacteria in the mouth.

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Aesthetic (white) fillings

Aesthetic composite fillings, better known as "white fillings", refer to dental fillings that restore the tooth while imitating the natural appearance of the tooth structure. It is an excellent tool for tooth reconstruction due to its adhesion to the tooth surface. The adhesive strength is so strong that, in the event of a tooth breaking, the filling remains intact.

Aesthetic fillings, in addition to being used to restore cracked or decayed teeth, can be used for cosmetic purposes to change the size, color and shape of teeth. More and more people decide to repair chipped teeth with the help of aesthetic fillings, but also to achieve a uniform and straighter appearance of the teeth.

Initial examination and consultations

At the first examination and consultation for caries removal and tooth restoration with fillings, our team will perform a detailed examination of your oral cavity and make a diagnosis and give you a written offer.

Cavity removal

During the next visit to the dentist, the removal of the carious mass, i.e. the bacterially infected dentin, will be performed and the healthy dentin will be protected with a base.

Placing a white dental filling

After caries cleaning, etching of the enamel is necessary, along with chemical treatment of the dentin, in order to prepare the enamel for the adhesive filling. After that, the doctor will coat the previously prepared enamel with adhesive, which is the intermediate layer between the enamel and the filling, and will place the dental filling in layers, polymerize it and shape it morphologically, and harmonize it with the bite.

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Two frequently asked questions about dental fillings

The dental filling will not change color if it is well polished and if the composite material has quality characteristics and the fineness of the ceramic grains in the composite.

If you have enough enamel, the filling will not fall out. It is important that these procedures are performed in completely dry conditions and that you have enough tooth enamel on which the filling will be fixed and aligned in the bite.

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