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Cryo Slimming cryolipolysis

With the Cryo Slimming method, freeze excess unwanted pounds and shape your body!

Weight loss treatments

How does the Cryo Slimming method work?

With the use of a cryotherapy device, the body's response is stimulated by the use of low temperature. Devices for targeted cryotherapy work on the principle of a directed cold jet (-78°C) and a chilled massage ball (-38°C), whereby the tissue temperature in the targeted area is lowered to 4°C and the apoptosis of fat cells in the treated area is stimulated.

The cryo slimming method works on the principle of freezing white fat cells, whereby they turn brown and are excreted through the lymphatic system. At each treatment, we additionally encourage lymphatic drainage by massaging the treated parts.

By using devices for targeted cryotherapy, in addition to achieving the effect of losing unwanted pounds and tightening the skin, after each treatment our clients say that they feel energized.

Weight loss treatments

What is the Cryo Slimming method used for?

The cryo slimming method of targeted cryotherapy works effectively in just a few weeks. Parts of the body that can be treated with the cryo slimming method are arms, legs, thighs and buttocks, stomach, hips and chin.

In addition to stimulating the apoptosis of fat cells, due to the effect of cold, the skin produces more elastin and collagen, making it smoother and tighter. Eliminating cellulite combines stimulation of fat cell apoptosis and increased collagen production. In order to further stimulate lymphatic drainage, between treatments, we recommend abundant fluid intake and gentle massage of the treated areas.


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Six frequently asked questions that patients ask us about Cryo Slimming treatment

After several months of testing the effectiveness of the device for targeted cryotherapy, we are sure that the minimum recommended interval between treatments is one day, while the maximum recommended interval is 10 days.

With the Cryo Slimming method, several areas can be treated at the same time, for example the stomach, arms and hips.

You should not feel pain or discomfort at any time during your Cryo Slimming treatment. Due to the directed cold jet and the cooled sphere, you will feel the cold on your skin, but it will not be unbearable. The skin and subcutaneous tissue are targeted to be cooled to a temperature of 4°C, and the treatment of the area is stopped after the temperature has been reached.

With the Cryo Slimming method, i.e. targeted cryolipolysis, it is possible to treat areas with fat deposits, loose skin, stretch marks or cellulite. The areas we most often treat in our patients are the upper arms, thighs, buttocks, stomach and chin.

Not. When using the Cryo Slimming method, fat cells are cooled in a targeted manner and brought to a state of apoptosis, after which they are expelled from the body through the lymphatic system. In order to continuously stimulate this body process, the recommended amount to achieve effective results is a minimum of 6 treatments.

Although no chemicals are used in the Cryo Slimming method of targeted cryotherapy, but the body’s natural response is stimulated by cold, we recommend that you first consult with your doctor about treatments during pregnancy and jointly assess whether you are a candidate for cryotherapy.

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Weight loss treatments

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