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Choose premium crowns and bridges made in 3D technology.

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Dental crowns

Dental crowns are made by our experienced dental technicians in a professional dental laboratory. They take care of the original shape of the damaged tooth. Today, there are different materials from which crowns are made, mostly a combination of metal, zircon and ceramics.


Dental bridges

Dental bridges are prosthetic replacements that serve to replace one or more teeth. Bridges connect broken dental rows and create a whole again. Using dental bridges restores the functionality and aesthetic appearance of your teeth. Dentists use dental bridges exclusively or in combination with implants.

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Dental works

Materials from which we make prosthetic replacements


  • In dental prosthetics, metal-ceramic dental crowns have become the standard due to their high strength and durability, as well as satisfactory function and aesthetics.


Zircon ceramics

  • As a material, zircon is “breathable”, which gives it the ability to imitate the natural color of teeth. In contrast to metal-ceramic crowns, the zirconia base under the ceramic is white, so there can be no metal seeping along the edges of the gums, as well as discoloration of the edges of the gums.


Zircon monolith (full zircon)

  • The advantage of the monolith is the higher speed and precision of production than the biocompatible material, and the final work is characterized by superior aesthetics and functionality. Zircon monolithic crowns are also stronger and more resistant to chewing forces.

Initial examination and consultations

At the first prosthetic examination and consultation, our team will perform a detailed examination of your oral cavity and take a panoramic X-ray, in order to get a complete insight into the condition of your teeth. This is extremely important for planning therapy and ensuring successful placement.

Written offer

After the consultation, you will receive a written offer with clearly indicated prices for each prosthetic option.

Making a digitized impression and therapy plan

When you accept the offer and decide to install dental crowns, our team will create a digitized impression of your smile and begin a therapy plan.

Teeth grinding

Grinding teeth is a crucial step in the process of installing dental crowns. After that, we will again take a digital impression of your smile and start modeling dental crowns using precise 3D technology.

Prosthetic work and color trial

In order to ensure a perfect fit of the prosthetic work in the mouth and to ensure that the color of the prosthetic replacement will match your natural teeth, it is necessary to perform several trials in cooperation with the team of our dental technicians.

Cementing prosthetic work

When we are completely satisfied with the function and aesthetics of the prosthetic restoration, we will permanently cement the dental crown or bridge. All that remains after this step is to enjoy your new smile!

Color matching of dental works

The three most frequent questions that patients ask us about crowns and bridges

Depending on your needs, as well as in which area of the smile a dental crown or bridge needs to be placed, our team of dentists will advise you on the best options for each particular region of the smile.

Due to the precision and comfort that 3D intraoral scanners provide, we always try to take impressions digitally. However, there are situations in which it is necessary to take a classic impression with a compound mixture in order to ensure a precise fit.

The advanced nature of crowns fits every tooth perfectly and no one but you will know you have crowns. Our team of experts will ensure that the crown looks as natural as possible, will refer to the teeth that surround it, and will adjust its color and appearance as much as possible to your natural smile.

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Why choose Dentech for dental crowns and bridges?

  • Own dental laboratory
  • Digital impression taking
  • Digital procedure planning
  • Painless procedures
  • Top quality materials from the world’s leading manufacturers
  • Guarantee on all types of crowns

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