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Children's dentistry

Adapted, gentle and professional approach to each child.

Childrens dentistry
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Children's dentistry

Children's dental medicine, or pedodontics, is a branch of dentistry that deals with the preservation and treatment of diseases of the teeth and oral cavity in children. In our clinic, we pay special attention to our little ones.

The trust gained during the first visits to the dentist will create future care of the child’s teeth, which will contribute to perfect oral health. Cooperation between parents and dentists gives us excellent results in the prevention and control of the oral health of each child.

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A special approach

Children's dentistry requires a special approach, different work tools, customized explanations, lots of laughter and toys, and a lot of patience. The task of every dentist is to make the child's visit as pleasant as possible, so that habits of caring for the teeth, not fears, are formed from an early age.

In our clinic, we use the SAY-SHOW-DO method when working with children, especially with those who are really scared. With this method, we first show children dental instruments and techniques that prove that the dentist is their true friend, and we always recommend that the first visits to the dentist are exclusively fun, educational and interesting examinations.

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Two frequently asked questions about children's dentistry

We always recommend that dental examinations start as early as possible, so that the child can get used to it. In this way, we prevent the development of fear of dentists and dental procedures, because we always place the imperative on painless and pleasant procedures.

This is not recommended because in this way the child associates pain with the dentist. Also, the prevention of caries and pain is extremely important, which is why you should bring your child for regular check-ups as soon as the first teeth erupt.

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Why choose Dentech for children's dentistry?

  • A team of experts trained for a holistic approach
  • Free examination and consultation
  • Individual approach in planning and implementation of therapy
  • Painless procedure
  • A meticulous approach

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