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Basic All on 4 implants and fixed acrylic bridge

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Dental implants

Fixed solutions on 4 implants at Dentech

A fixed solution with 4 implants refers to the placement of 4 dental implants that support fixed prosthetic work with 12-14 teeth. It is a procedure that is applied in the case of a jaw with a complete lack of teeth or if the patient has cracked or excessively damaged teeth.

Its advantages are numerous. First of all, it is important, once again, to point out that dental implants are a lifelong solution. The procedure does not require a bone transplant or additional surgical procedures. During one visit, it is possible to install the implant and immediately offer the patient a temporary prosthetic solution. This solution with 4 implants and a fixed bridge gives you a natural feeling and security of chewing and a free palate.


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Initial examination and consultation

At the first implant examination and consultation, our team will perform a detailed examination of your oral cavity and take a 3D CBCT image, in order to get a complete view of the bone and surrounding structures. This is extremely important for therapy planning and ensuring successful implantation.

Written offer

After the consultation, you will receive a written offer with clearly indicated prices for each step of therapy – from the installation of the implant to the final prosthetic work on the implant.

Creating a digitized therapy plan

When you accept the offer and decide to install the implant, our team will create a digitized therapy plan, which includes the creation of a "guide" for installing the implant in the bone, to ensure maximum precision of the position and angle of placement, because at Dentech we leave nothing to chance.

Surgical implant insertion

At your appointment for implant insertion, we will ensure maximum comfort for you, so that the insertion process will be as pleasant as possible for you. Implant placement takes an average of 30 minutes per implant and is completely painless for the patient. Upon completion, you will receive clear and written instructions to follow to ensure the safest possible healing process.

The process of osseointegration – the fusion of the implant with the bone

The course of the process of osseointegration, that is, the process of the fusion of the implant with the bone, takes an average of 3-6 months, depending on each individual patient. During this time, you will periodically come to the clinic for check-ups, so that we can monitor the process of the implant adhering the bone until it gains complete stability.

Placement of implant-prosthetic work on the implant

The process of placing the implant-prosthetic work on the implant begins with opening the implant and placing the abutment in the implant – an extension that will connect the implant and the prosthetic work (crown or bridge). After that, we start with the creation of prosthetic work in 3D technology, and with the process itself, which lasts between 7 and 10 working days, we ensure the maximum functional and aesthetic suitability of your prosthetic replacement on the implant.

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The three most frequent questions that patients ask us about implants

At the Dentech clinic, we work exclusively with premium brands of implants that ensure successful implant placement and retention results. The brands we work with are:

  • Straumann (Switzerland)
  • Neodent (Brasil)

Dentech clinic offers a lifetime quality guarantee on dental implants. What is important to us is that you come for check-ups at least once a year.

Each implant we install in our clinic comes with its own quality booklet, the so-called “implant passport”. It contains the serial number of the implant, the position of the implant and all important specifications about the implant. It is important to keep the “passport” of the implant for the rest of your life.

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Dental implants

Why choose Dentech for implant placement?

  • Own dental laboratory
  • Digital impression taking
  • Digital procedure planning
  • Painless procedures
  • With each implant you get its own “passport”
  • Lifetime implant guarantee

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