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Quality assurance and certificates

The warranty on our work ensures high quality and safety on an aesthetic and functional level.

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Quality in the first place


  • We provide a lifetime guarantee for all implants (on the titanium part of the implant that is embedded in the bone). The warranty refers to cracking of the titanium part of the implant.
  • Five-year guarantee on zircon-ceramic, metal-ceramic, and emax crowns, crowns on implants, “Inlay”, “Onlay”, “Overlay” and bridges, and ceramic veneers
  • Five-year guarantee on zirconium monolithic crowns and All on 4/6 PREMIUM prosthetic part
  • Three-year warranty on the All on 4/6 BASIC prosthetic part
  • One-year warranty on Wironit partial dentures
  • One-year guarantee on total dentures
  • One-year warranty on aesthetic fillings
  • One-year warranty on retention and Michigan splints
Quality in the first place


Quality in the first place


ISO 9001:2015
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